My favourite books

Marketing and business books

Below are some of my favourite books that have inspired and helped me in my career and business. Somehow I have managed to narrow it down to four books per category but as I continue to read, I might update this page with new favourites so make sure to check back again from time to time.

Disclaimer: This page contains affiliate links that provide me with a small commission if you click on them and make a purchase.

Productivity & Habit Building

Deep Work

By Cal Newport

Atomic Habits

By James Clear

Tools of Titans

By Tim Ferriss

The One Thing

By Gary Keller

Marketing & Branding

Crushing It

By Gary Vaynerchuk

The Content Fuel Framework

By Melanie Deziel

This is Marketing

By Seth Godin

The Brand Gap

By Marty Neumeier


The 4-Hour Work Week

By Gary Vaynerchuk

The $1,000,000 Web Designer Guide

By Rob Anthony O'Rourke

The Millionaire Fastlane

By Mj DeMarco

Start With Why

By Simon Sinek

Inspiring Business Autobiogrphries

Shoe Dog

By Phil Knight

Tape Sucks

By Frank Slootman

Uncanny Valley

By Anna Wiener

Amazon Unbound

By Brad Stone

Psychology & Mindset

The Body Keeps The Score

By Bessel Van Der Kolk


By Susan Cain


By Glennon Doyle

Daring Greatly

By Brene Brown