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Are you a growing business that needs to expand your team but doesn’t have the capacity to hire someone full-time? 

With my retainer service, I can build a long term relationship and commit to getting a return on your marketing investment.

Together I will build a strategic roadmap for digital growth and work over a set number of months to reach your full potential. 

Prices and contract length are flexible based on your requirements and budget. On average, SEO takes 3 months to take effect therefore I require a minimum 3-month contract to begin with.  

Typical 3 month SEO plan

Month 01

  • Technical audit including Core Web Vitals to check the health of your website and how well it performs on search engines.
  • Benchmarking current traffic levels by reviewing Google Analytics and Search Console data or analytics set up and data studio report if not already completed.
  • Keyword research analysis to find the best search terms you should be targeting as part of your ongoing SEO strategy.
  • Metadata review and optimisation (depending on the size of the website this may be split into multiple phases). 

Month 02

  • Competitor analysis to discover your top SEO competitors (they might not be who you think they are) and to benchmark your performance and gain new inspiration. 
  • Keyword and page URL mappings to determine which pages on your site should target which topics – and the suggestion of new pages where appropriate.
  • Backlink audit to determine the current state of your website.

Month 03

  • Content audit which reviews existing website content and determines whether to keep as is, improve, remove or redirect.
  • Creation of an ongoing SEO content strategy to understand the best topics that should be covered based on competitor research and an industry review. 
  • Reviewing local citations, Google My Business account (set-up if required) and other maps.
  • Offsite SEO, creating an ongoing strategy to build the presence of your website through social media, email marketing and other relevant channels.

A client I have been working with for the last year to increase organic search visibility. I started by working on technical fixes and improving the internal linking structure. More recently I have created and continue to implement a new content strategy.


Another client (within the hospitality sector) I’ve been working with to help boost their organic traffic and brand awareness.

Brand keywords are the main driver of traffic here (as is usually the case), but I have successfully increased the performance and number of non-branded keywords. 

A fashion brand I worked with to create and implement a social media strategy to complement their website’s blog content. You can clearly see one month where the client paused activity. 

Common Questions Before Hiring A Freelancer

Every package is created after an initial consultation. Work will be split across different phases and assigned to each month. I will work with you to create a plan based on your digital needs, goals and budget. If things change along the way, I will adapt as you do. 

On average it can take up to 3 months before you see the first signs of improvement. However, it can take between 6 to 12 months before a large impact is made. Many factors will determine how quickly you will see results, the main ones being the current health of your website before we begin and the number of hours you invest in SEO each month.

The good news is that any SEO is a long-term investment meaning all optimisations made will continue to improve over time, unlike paid media which sees fast results but are short term.

I like to keep things flexible and understand long-term contracts are difficult for certain sized businesses to commit to. I only ask that you sign up for a 3-month contract to begin with as it typically takes this long for SEO to have an impact. 

I like to take a full 360 approach when it comes to online marketing, however, to begin with, the three core areas I will focus on are technical SEO, on-page SEO and content strategy. When all three are in a good position, I will then talk to you about off-site digital marketing which includes areas such as social media, email marketing and PPC. 

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I’ll get back to you with a free proposal, including an idea of costs. If you like what you hear we can take it from there.

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